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Higbee - 22 April 03:48

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Mostrom - 26 December 08:08

Nothing is obvious without argumentation. That just shows you don't understand the process of logical debate. Even the proverbial elephant in the room must be proven to be there, even if that is simply pointing at the big hulking form of the animal. That in itself is evidence. You, however, to use the same analogy, stand in a SEEMINGLY empty room, claiming there's an elephant there. Nobody's going to believe you until you show there is one. Show ONE manner in which homosexuality harms people.

Christopher - 17 May 18:33

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Audibert - 2 September 14:07

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Sharla - 15 July 08:41

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Pruitt - 1 September 07:34


Grandbois - 8 November 12:37

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Lyndsay - 2 November 09:29

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